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Because the procedure of mounting rolling bearings has such a big impact on their precision, longevity, and performance, it’s important to pay attention to it. Their characteristics must first be highly observed, and then they must be mounted correctly. The handling processes for bearings should be thoroughly researched by design engineers, and standards should be set, such as examining the dimensions and other associated components; bearings and associated parts should be clean; procedures for mounting; and sufficient lubricants.

The bearing mounting technique is determined by the kind of bearing and the type of fit. Bearings are typically used on rotating shafts, therefore the inner rings must fit snugly. Bearings with cylindrical are often placed on shafts by pushing them on (press fit) or heating them to enlarge their diameter (shrink fit). Tapered bore bearings can be placed directly on tapered shafts or cylindrical shafts utilising tapered sleeves.

Things should not be done while installing a bearing on a shaft.

Touching bearings with your bare hands is never a good idea. The use of talc-free finger cots or talc-free surgical gloves is recommended.
Now let’s talk about how the bearing is removed from the shaft. The bearing removal method is done with a bearing puller for standard outer and inner rings, which may be obtained from a variety of manufacturers, including FEIKEN. A puller that pulls through the rollers should be used to remove bearings with a backing shoulder placed on the bearing. It also applied the pressure which can cause the raceway to expand and be easily removed.
  Things should not be done if removing a bearing from a shaft.

If you want to retain the housing and other parts unharmed, don’t use a torch.Not cooling the bearing will cause the cases to shrink.Never put aluminium parts on any type of hot plate. It’s nearly impossible to heat uniformly, and much more difficult to keep the temperature under control. The maximum temperature you can reach is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 


28 Aug 2023