Miniature Ball Bearings

Miniature Ball Bearings
Miniature ball bearings are a type of small-sized ball bearings designed to handle light loads and operate in compact spaces. They are commonly used in applications where space is limited and low-friction, precise movement is required. Despite their small size, miniature ball bearings offer reliable performance and are essential components in various industries and devices.

Features and benefits:
  • Capable of carrying relatively more minor loads.
  • Suitable for low, medium, and high speed applications.
  • Suited for low noise and low torque applications.
Display in:

Industrial Motors
Food Processing Machinery
Papermaking Machinery
Pumps & Compressors
Wind Energy


Q: What are the typical sizes of miniature ball bearings?

Miniature ball bearings typically have outer diameters ranging from a few millimetres to around 30mm, with inner diameters starting from a fraction of a millimetre and going up to 10mm or more.

Q: Can miniature ball bearings handle bolt radial and axial loads?

Yes, miniature ball bearings can handle both radial and axial loads, but their axial load-carrying capacity is relatively limited compared to their radial load capacity.

Q: Are miniature ball bearings suitable for high-speed applications?

Yes, miniature ball bearings are designed to handle high rotational speeds, making them ideal for devices and equipment that require rapid movement.