Environmental Policy Statement

FEIKEN recognizes that ISO 14001:2015 provides a comprehensive framework for effective environmental management. It guides our organization in establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving our Environmental Management System (EMS). This integration allows us to align our environmental objectives with internationally recognized best practices and standards.

FEIKEN complies with international standards ISO 14001:2015, through maintaining environmental management processes and conservation of our natural resources. At FEIKEN Bearing, we hold a deep-seated commitment to fostering a positive influence on society and the environment through responsible and ethical business practices. Our mission extends advancement to our industry; it encompasses the betterment of individuals and communities.

ISO 14001 Compliance: FEIKEN Bearing acknowledges the significance of ISO 14001 standards as a framework for effective environmental management. This compliance empowers us to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve our Environment Management System (EMS). By aligning our environmental objectives with international best practices and standards, we are committed to leaving a positive environmental legacy.

Renewable Energy Transition: Our journey towards environmental sustainability includes a commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy sources by 2030. This commitment reduces our carbon footprint and aligns with ISO 14001 standards, emphasizing the importance of renewable energy sources in mitigating environmental impact.

Health and Safety: At FEIKEN, our strong commitment to health and safety is closely tied to our dedication to environmental management. We prioritize the well-being of our employees, recognizing that their safety and health are essential for effective environmental stewardship. Our robust health and safety procedures and routine training protect our workforce and contribute to a workplace culture that values environmental responsibility.

Affordable and Clean Energy: FEIKEN is committed to promoting clean energy sources within its operations. We aim to use 100% renewable energy to power our production facilities by 2030, minimizing carbon impact. We will also look into chances to form partnerships that can improve renewable energy solutions.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure: FEIKEN prioritizes innovation and infrastructure development, and these principles are closely linked to our environment management strategy. As a bearing manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to investing in R&D to drive innovation in our goods and manufacturing processes while also focusing on environmental sustainability. Our goal is to provide advanced, sustainable bearing solutions that fulfil industry standards and help construct durable and environmentally sustainable infrastructure.

Responsible Consumption and Production: We are committed to responsible consumption and production practices. We strive to reduce waste generation and resource usage throughout our supply chain and product lifecycle. This includes implementing circular economy principles, designing products for longevity, and reducing environmental impact. We will also continue to work with suppliers who share our commitment to responsible production.

Achieving Net-Zero Emissions: FEIKEN is committed to achieving net-zero emissions through innovation, research, and investment in renewable energy sources. This includes R&D efforts focused on emission reduction technologies, participation in carbon offset programs, and the ongoing exploration of renewable energy partnerships to minimize its carbon footprint.

Sustainable Product Lifecycle: FEIKEN is committed to developing a sustainable product lifetime by working with designers to employ recyclable materials while emphasizing durability and repairability. In addition, we will take responsibility for products through initiatives such as take-back programs and responsible end-of-life management.

Continuous Improvement: Environmental management is a journey of constant improvement. We set measurable objectives and targets, regularly assess our progress, and adapt our strategies to enhance our environmental performance year after year, in line with ISO 14001’s principles.

At FEIKEN Bearing, integrating ISO 14001:2015 into our operations is a compliance requirement and evidence of our commitment to environmental management. By aligning our actions with the principles of ISO 14001, we benefit our organization and make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of humanity and the preservation of our precious environment. Our environmental management initiatives encompass more than preserving the planet; they also enhance the lives of people and communities. We aim to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all stakeholders, leaving a profound and lasting positive impact on the environment and humanity. FEIKEN Bearing ensures that environmental sustainability is not a standalone initiative but an integral part of how we conduct our business. We are dedicated to upholding these principles across all levels of our organization, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, and contributing to a more sustainable future for our company and the communities we serve.