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Linear guides, also known as linear motion guides or linear rail systems, are mechanical components used to provide smooth and precise linear motion for a moving element along a predetermined path. It works in conjunction with linear bearings to support and guide the load in a straight line.


Features and benefits:

  • Low friction
  • High accuracy
  • Precise positioning
  • High load-carrying capacity

Product type and designs:

  • Ball Type Linear Guides- These guides use recirculating ball bearings in a ball cage to reduce friction and facilitate smooth motion. They offer high accuracy and are suitable for precise applications.
  • Roller Type Linear Guides- Roller guides use cylindrical rollers to support the load, providing higher load-carrying capacity and increased rigidity compared to ball guides.
  • Crossed Roller Guides- Crossed roller guides use two sets of crossed cylindrical rollers to achieve higher rigidity and accuracy in a compact design.
  • V-Groove Guides- V-groove guides use a V-shaped track and roller bearings, suitable for applications with limited mounting space.
  • Magnetic Linear Guides- Magnetic linear guides use magnetic forces to levitate and guide the moving element without physical contact, offering a maintenance-free and low-friction solution.


Linear guides are vital components that enable precise and controlled linear motion in numerous industrial and technological processes. Their ability to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and reliability makes them indispensable in modern automation and manufacturing systems. Here are examples of applications in which linear guides might be used:

  • Aerospace 
  • Automation


  • What is the difference between ball type and roller type linear guides?
    Ball type linear guides use recirculating ball bearings for smooth and low-friction motion, while roller type linear guides use cylindrical rollers to handle higher loads and provide increased rigidity.


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